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    Re: Do you think there is not enough Snow White in snow white's Scary Adventures?

    Quote Originally Posted by Professortango
    The ending never bothered me. The Witch was the main threat through the ride, she dies, ride over. What resolution is needed? The entire ride is escaping the clutches of the evil queen/ I see no reason to add a scene with SW and her Prince. I would be wondering "who the heck is that guy?" And besides, we do have the mural at the end of the ride.
    Amen Professor... I've long stated this exact opinion about the ride. The whole moral of the Snow White story is about the wicked Queen.. her pride and her downfall.
    The ride is perfect as it is!
    I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

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    Re: Do you think there is not enough Snow White in snow white's Scary Adventures?

    I agree with the others that the ending seems unnaturally abrupt. We all know the story, but every time I've ridden it, it's left me with this "wha'happened?" at the end of it. It needs a better ending even more than it needs Snow White animatronics.

    Maybe they should use the "hitchhiking ghost" effect from HM and put Snow White in the car with you!!! Mystery solved!

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