View Poll Results: What Would YOU Rather Have Country Bears Or Pooh

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  • The Original Country Bears (Not the vaction version but the ORIGINAL)

    159 65.43%
  • Pooh

    31 12.76%
  • Nothing

    3 1.23%
  • Bulldoze everything past Splash Mountain and Start Over Fresh

    50 20.58%
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    Re: Country Bears VS. Pooh. Who Would YOU Rather Have In Bear/Critter Country?

    Ok I know that this has been said probably about 50 times, however I really think they should put the Bears over in DCA by Grizzly River Rapids, however they should put some the Monters Inc technology into it. Bring back our loveable threesome in the lobby and let them have the Rozz technology. I think that if the CBJ was reworked a little to become new it would bring in crowds. Everyone here obviously loves the CBJ so I don't think crowds are the issue. The issue is longevity. So if you have that "Rozz" technology it is always a little different. And hey they could always add other things to make it a little different but still have the classic feel that everyone misses from the CBJ.
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    Re: Country Bears VS. Pooh. Who Would YOU Rather Have In Bear/Critter Country?

    That'd be interesting.

    If they do bring back a CBJ, it should have the same feel of the original, but it shouldn't be the same o same o. It should be an updated version... new tech, new songs, etc.

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