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    Kudos to the DLR Reservation Staff

    It was my fault; I'd looked at the reservation a couple of times, but never close enough to recognize the mistake until now--I'd booked the reservation for three nights at GCH, and we needed four (the day we take our personal E-ticket down, we're going to just relax by the pool).

    Unfortunately, I was right at the 3-week mark when they send out the package.

    Once again, the staff at the Vacation Planning/Travel group came through in a superior fashion, even allowing me to avoid the penalty fees I was initially going to incur, and making some special arrangements as far as the new documentation.

    Not that any other entity might not have done the same; but the people at WD Travel are about the nicest people I've ever had the occasion to deal with. So I thought it was aopropriate to thank them here--especially Karen, Marla and Toni (in case you ever run into them).

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    That's just one of the reasons that we enjoy staying "on property". Glad to hear it. Enjoy your trip!

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