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    Talking ~ Disneyland®'s 50th Anniversary - A Historical Milestone ~

    *This is basically a Summary of the 50th Anniversary Events.*

    ~ Disneyland®'s 50th Anniversary - A Historical Milestone ~
    As most of you probably already know, Disneyland Park is without any doubt one of
    the most famous and popular theme parks in History. This park has not only stood the
    test of time for over 50 years - an impressive record for any park mind you - but has
    completed and performed that record with simple beauty, elegance, and grace. During
    those past 50 magical years, Disneyland has taken in millions of guests with warm and
    wide-opened arms, unlike the "average" theme park. She has seen both death from
    unfortunate ride accidents and new life in her nurseries. She has seen classic rides such
    as the Country Bear Jamboree and Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland go and
    new rides like Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain come in. She has seen the
    power of what good leaders can do and the terrible effects of what bad management
    can do.

    However, some things at Disneyland have always stayed the same...And that is to
    keep all of the guests happy and to make sure that a good time is had by all. Another
    rule that she herself has created is to make sure that all guests can create wonderful
    extraordinary memories that they can take home when they leave the Resort so
    they can cherish them for a very long time. Disneyland is also responsible for sparking
    off more than just one stagnant imagination. But probably most important of all -
    Disneyland allows people to wonder, to dream, to explore....and shows them that
    dreams really do come true if you believe in them enough.

    Disneyland is a land for all...a land for you and a land for me. It was designed to be
    a "happy" place where people could get together and enjoy some of the wonders of

    Now, come with me and let's explore the amazing events of the Historical 50th Anniversary.

    -A Disney Dreamer
    Additional Information
    Timeline of the Disney Parks:

    Disneyland Park
    (Disneyland Resort)
    July 17th, 1955 - Present

    agic Kingdom Park (Walt Disney World)
    October 1st, 1971 - Present

    Epcot Park (Walt Disney World Resort)
    October 1st, 1982 - Present

    Tokyo Disneyland Park (Tokyo Disney Resort)
    April 15th, 1983 - Present

    Disney-MGM Studios Park (Walt Disney World Resort)
    May 1st, 1989 - Present

    Disneyland Paris Park (Disneyland Resort Paris)
    April 12th, 1992 - Present

    Disney's Animal Kingdom Park (Walt Disney World Resort)

    April 22nd, 1998 - Present

    Disney's California Adventure Park (Disneyland Resort)
    February 8th, 2001 - Present

    DisneySEA Park (Tokyo Disney Resort)
    September 4th, 2001 - Present

    Walt Disney Studios Park (Disneyland Resort Paris)

    March 16th, 2002 - Present

    Hong Kong Disneyland Park (Hong Kong Disneyland Resort)
    September 12th, 2005 - Present
    Disneyland's Festivities
    Disneyland Park - The One That Started It All
    • New Rides And Enhancements To Other Attractions:
    - Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (New Ride) - May 5, 2005
    Newest attraction in Disneyland's Tomorrowland.
    Space Mountain (Total Ride Refurb and Track Replacement) - July 15, 2005 (Grand Reopening)
    After being closed down for nearly two years, Space Mountain
    reopened to thrilled audiences just two days prior to the "real"
    Disneyland 50th Anniversary date, even though the party
    had already begun on May 5th, 2005. The "new" Space Mountain
    has a completely new track following the original Space Mountain
    track layout. An entirely new soundtrack, composed by
    was also added into the attraction, replacing the
    Dick Dale soundtrack.
    - Pirates of the Caribbean (Show Enhancements) - Reopened June 26, 2006
    This classic attraction now features three Jack Sparrow
    Audio-Animatronics throughout the attraction and a single
    Barbossa AA - Jack's rival - on the Wicked Wench. Musical
    scores from the movie were placed throughout the
    attraction as well, with the largest and most noticeable one being
    in the famous "Battle Scene" area. A Davy Jones projection
    waterfall was also placed in one the of the attraction's many
    - Haunted Mansion (Small Refurbishment/Show Enhancements) - Has Been Opened
    After a lengthy closure due to the removal of Haunted Mansion
    Holiday in 2005, the Haunted Mansion reopened looking much
    better than in had been in the previous months. A new humorous
    Bride by the name of Constance along with five impressive portraits
    of her dead husbands was added in late Spring of 2006 to the
    Attic area as well.
    - Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room (Major Refurbishment) - Has Been Opened
    After a lengthy and much needed refurbishment in 2004-2005, the
    Enchanted Tiki Room came out looking like it should always
    look - beautiful, clean, and, of course, tropical. The Tiki
    Room was definitely ready for the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland
    that began in May all thanks to brand new audio, clean feathers,
    a new thatch roof on the outside, and paint.
    - Jungle Cruise Refurb (Show Enhancements) - Has Been Opened
    The Jungle Cruise has received a number of upgrades before and
    during the 50th Anniversary. This includes a new and effective Pirana
    attack during the end of the attraction and a new Trader Sam AA.
    The ride has also cleaned up nicely all of its animals and a new water
    spout has been added near the Gorilla area.
    The Rest Of The Attractions
    All the attractions in some way or another were enhanced in preparation
    of the 50th Anniversary of the Disneyland Resort.
    • Paint Restoration
    Pretty much everything at Disneyland, including attractions, restaurants,
    and building exteriors/interiors were refurbished in some way or form
    way in preparation for the 50th Anniversary. A major clean-up and
    paint restoration project went into action in the park in late 2004 and
    early 2005 to help restore the damage done by 1o years of negligence

    The most noticeable paint jobs inside
    Disneyland can be seen on the outer
    facades of:

    - Sleeping Beauty Castle (Section Below)
    - Main Street, U.S.A.
    - New Orleans Square

    Sleeping Beauty Castle Restoration
    Probably the most famous paint job for the 50th
    Sleeping Beauty Castle was repainted in a
    very bright pink and
    cool, beautiful-looking blue,
    replacing the terrible faded-looking paint. The Castle
    also received 5 Golden Crowns for the Five Decades it
    has been around, banners, and sparkling jewels.

    Picture of the new paint job:

    Will Finish Tomorrow

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    Re: ~ Disneyland®'s 50th Anniversary - A Historical Milestone ~

    Hi guys - please be patient while I finish Post 1.

    I just didn't want to have all the above information lost if my computer froze or whatnot. I will be adding shortly - thanks

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    Re: ~ Disneyland®'s 50th Anniversary - A Historical Milestone ~

    So far so good.

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