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    Hours etc. for DL on December 27 & 28th

    We will be going to Disneyland on December 27th and 28th and as DL's website has yet to be updated past September, I was wondering what the expected hours for the park will be? Also, will there be a fireworks show at all? Earlier I heard rumors that after the 50th there wouldn't be fireworks until mid-2007, or is it likely that Remember will continue or Believe...In Holiday Magic return? I was also wondering how crowded the parks are usually during this time? And sorry for all the questions, but one last one, is there any more word on CA Adventure's holiday show? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Hours etc. for DL on December 27 & 28th

    The week between Christmas and New Years is reportedly the busiest time of all for Disneyland. I predict you'll see operating hours of 8am to 12am, and a fireworks show nightly during this time.

    All indications from this board is that a holiday fireworks show will appear after October 31st.

    Not sure about DCA's show, if any.

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