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    Best Jungle Cruise Skippers

    My wife and I went to Disney for our honeymoon and rode Jungle Cruise last thing before the park closed. There were about 3 people on the boat in addition to us. The guide was awesome. As we pulled up to the dock he said the following:

    "I'd like to thank the California State Penitentiary work release program for allowing me to be here today. Be sure to gather up all your valuables folks, purses, watches, little kids. When we close down we take all the kids left behind, run em on over to Small World, superglue their little feet to the floor and make them sing that [you could hear the italics in his voice] song over and over again."

    What are your favorite "non-scripted" jokes from the ride?

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    Re: Best Jungle Cruise Skippers

    My favorite skipper so far is Sammy. He was funny, flirty, and totally entertaining. Sadly my memory is so bad, I can't remember his jokes, but I do know the next time I go to Disneyland I want him as my skipper.

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