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    Best Day To Visit Labor Day Weekend?

    Hi all,

    Longtime reader, first time poster. I have a friend coming to LA that's never been to Disneyland, and he will only be in town the Saturday through Monday of Labor Day weekend.

    Any suggestions on which of those three days- Saturday, Sunday or Monday of Labor Day weekend- might be the least crowded? I know there probably isn't going to be a significant difference among the three, but I thought I ought to check with the experts.

    Any tips would be appreciated.


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    Re: Best Day To Visit Labor Day Weekend?

    Monday, from all reports, is the least busiest day, by far. Most people use that day to return as a travel day, and it seems, from last year's posts on another board, to be significantly less busy.

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    Re: Best Day To Visit Labor Day Weekend?

    Don't do it! I agree w/frogberto, monday will be the best of those wild and crazy 3 days to attempt the park.

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