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    Annual Passholders

    I am wondering if you have noticed that they give out a special rate at the hotels every year. Last Jan we got a $89.00 per night rate for being an AP (my first year). I got my AP last Sep so I wont get the newsletter this fall when they might tell everyone about the special rate for the new year. We plan to get new APís but not until we go again so we can try to go twice next year.

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    Re: Annual Passholders

    Yeah, it's called the "AP Rate" and we have relied on that rate at the DL Hotel for years now. It has saved us more than the price of the AP's many times over. Why would anyone want to stay anywhere else when you can stay in the Sierra Tower overlooking DTD and both Parks for $79-$99/night? (of course, when available...which hasn't been too often lately). Can't hardly wait for this 50th hoopla to end so things can get back to "normal", whatever that might be...

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