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Let me make a few comments , and some educated guesses.

But the SoCal Select, which is good for less than half they year, including no weekends and summer was raised to above the 2 Day ParkHopper price last time, as it was confusing to many out-of-town guests. Therefore I think it will go up $10 to $129.

The regular SoCal, maybe $20 to $169 (this is basically twice the Multi Day increase), maybe just $10 to $159

As for the Deluxe AP, my guess, $20 to $249

The Premium, well that could go up from $20 to $50 in price (I doubt they would go over $400), this one is the tough one to call.....
Yeah, I have a sneaky suspicion that Premium will go up about $50-$100. I'm not quite sure why, but it seems to be the pass that has the most extreme price fluxes. $349 is fair. It wasn't too long ago it was $399 (or was it $299?) for one. I was kind of pissed back then (it was when DCA opened) because shortly after (and DISCONTINUING the APs for that strange 3 month period) it was discounted at least $100. $349 is the highest it's been in a while.... and with parking rumored to be going up to match Magic Mountain's $15 parking, they'll be able to justify an increased cost.

Anyone know if the Silver passes you get when you work for Disney include parking? I would obviously assume so.... What kind of pass would you get from Disney if you.... oh I don't know.... wrote a movie for them?

Just guessing whatever perks you get as a deal, it wouldn't work at Tokyo right?