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    Re: Will the Characters Ever Sing Again?

    Quote Originally Posted by nish221
    Bunch of 70's music.... let's see.. Queen's "We are the champions" ,
    and "don't go break'n my heart" (forgot who... BG's?) are the ones that I think
    they sing to.

    BTW. IMHO, Chicken Little wasn't too bad.... It was at least on par with
    Home on the Range.... I'm no way saying it was great. It was actually
    much better than some people said and it was entertaining. But to me,
    it was far from horrible.

    Have you seen Black Cauldron? Or Return of Jafar? or Cindy 2? Those IMHO are
    "black" marks.
    Not Black Cauldron.

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    Cool Re: Will the Characters Ever Sing Again?

    Quote Originally Posted by mycroft16
    I agree. Disney shouldn't try to re-invent themselves, they need to stick with the formula that made them the household name they are. Bring in new technologies, new stories, but stick to what they do best. Songs for the little ones to sing and for us to get addicted to as well.

    I still know the words to all the Little Mermaid songs, and Snow White, etc. That's what made those movies so amazing.

    Not to mention the fact that Disney was the first to sell a movie soundtrack. It was Snow White.
    Actually Disney didn't sell that soundtrack. Disney did not sell any soundtracks until they started their own record company in 1955. Before that time soundtracks were leased out to other record companies and others re-recorded. In fact most of the "Soundtrack" albums from that time were re-recorded. Disney did release soundtrack albums from their earlier movies and Snow White was first when that started.
    Quote Originally Posted by aashee View Post
    We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.

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    Re: Will the Characters Ever Sing Again?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mad Hatter
    I think traditional non-animated (and non-Disney for that matter) musicals are a whole other beast when compared to music from a Disney animated film. People see movies like Chicago or shows like Rent expecting almost non-stop broadway style music to tell the story.
    However I think Disney music traditionally just compliments an already strong story.
    Yes, I agree about non-animated musicals, I was just trying to find an at all comparable example in a general sense of music in movies guiding a story.

    Quote Originally Posted by belleariel412
    many of the disney movies have two people playing the to talk one to sing...aladdin, jasmine, pochohantos....
    Yes, I realize that. "hunchback" and Demi Moore was merely the most clear example I could think of at the moment. I am sorry if that was not made clear.
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    Re: Will the Characters Ever Sing Again?

    no no no, it's not that musicals won't fit the time and pop culture... if it's done right, people will love it! and disney can do it. i think shrek 2 kinda pulled it off when the fairy god mother did that cinderella song or whatever in fionna's room.

    i don't mind the whole situation w/ the actor doing the dialogue and not singing the vocals... pfft, the lion king had that w/ young simba, all of a sudden he sounds like he can be on a boy band when he sings hakuna matata... but it doesn't murder the movie.

    in the future when they have more musicals (i'm sure), i pray to god that they don't make it pop... everytime i watch lilo & stitch, i change it quick before the ending credits begin to scroll up... geez, what a horrible rendition of "Falling in love w/ you"... eww, it's so ugly and poppy, doesn't fit the movie at all.

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