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    HydroGuy's High Season/Off Season Tradeoff Rule


    If you want to be able to experience all of the rides and see all of the shows, visit DLR during high season and learn how to work with crowds. If you want to visit when it is least crowded, expect to miss some rides and shows.

    Who This Rule Affects



    The DLR rides require maintenance. In addition, on some rides improvements need to be added which require closing the ride. Finally, some rides have special seasonal additions that require them to be closed for certain periods. DLR plans ride closures when it will affect the least people – that means off season.

    DLR shows such as the Remember Dreams Come True fireworks and Fantasmic! are expensive to operate. DLR provides these shows more frequently during crowded times, and less frequently during periods of low crowds. During high season Remember will be offered nightly, and Fantasmic twice each night. During off season these are typically only performed on weekends, and Fantasmic may only be performed once each weekend night.

    I frequently read on Internet fourms people planning their visit during off season and then being disappointed that a favorite ride will be closed, or that a show will not be performed during weekdays when they are there. Visiting during periods of low crowds does have downsides.

    With a good plan and a little research, and a commitment to get to the parks early, it is possible to visit the parks during high season and not wait in long lines. See the link below for “HydroGuy's How To Avoid Long Lines Rules”.

    Why Did I Post This Rule?

    I find myself posting answers to the same question in different threads, and decided to make a list of “rules” to which I or others can quickly link in the future. In addition, the ideas behind the rule are often posted by others so I do not claim originality for the rule.

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    Re: HydroGuy's High Season/Off Season Tradeoff Rule

    Again, I admit that you make sense. I myself do not mind the crowds. I just returned from WDW a few weeks ago, and the parks were open late, parades, and fireworks were shown nitely, and SpectroMagic sometimes ran twice. One evening, I was even able to catch Illuminations at Epcot, and make it to MGM for Fantasmic. I have also made it to Wishes a few times in the past, after being at Epcot for Illuminations.

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    Re: HydroGuy's High Season/Off Season Tradeoff Rule

    good rule! that makes complete and total sense. we always go during busy times because everything is open (most of the time).
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    Re: HydroGuy's High Season/Off Season Tradeoff Rule

    I like what you have done with the rules, they are wonderful. I can't wait to put them to use.

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    Re: HydroGuy's High Season/Off Season Tradeoff Rule

    Personally, I love the off season - We usually try to hit at least one weekend day so that we can see the fireworks and shows. Other than that, it's so worth it to us to go when the lines are shorter and the hours are shorter, so we're not trying to kill ourselves to get it all done.

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