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    Has anyone taken the VIP Tour?

    I am thinking about taking the VIP Tour. I know that it is an expensive one ($300. minimum), and so, I am looking for input from those who have taken it. I also know that you decide what elements to include. What did you have in your tour? Is there any tour guide that is superior to the rest? Thanks.

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    Re: Has anyone taken the VIP Tour?

    A $300 VIP Tour? Where did you see information on this? Where does it take you? Details please.

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    Re: Has anyone taken the VIP Tour?

    It is my understanding that the VIP tour is $75 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours.

    I haven't taken a VIP tour, but I have taken the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour - which I would recommend. I can't imagine the VIP tour guides telling me anything about DL that I do not already know!

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    Re: Has anyone taken the VIP Tour?

    LOL!!!! NO expedited access to attractions, valid entrance is required. $95 an hour if you don't book 48hrs in advance. Someone got sprinkled with a little bit too much of the pixie dust if you ask me......

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