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    Official Bat Day Question!?

    So did most of you enter the park as is or was there alot of smuggling of items into the park and then getting dressed up!?

    Seems like Disney would have frowned upon the costume like appearance?

    Some outfits were awfully cool! My son couldn't help looking at one Bat Woman in the Pieces of Eight store! She was practically falling out of her top and all he could think of was LUNCH!

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    Re: Official Bat Day Question!?

    I have wondered that myself... seems like if Disney had any kind of dress code, Bats Day would certainly be one of the days to have it in high enforecement.

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    Re: Official Bat Day Question!?

    not necessarily, i was in early aug, nowhere near the time of bats day and I saw two girls wearing corsets and crinolines. And these where busty ladies
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    Re: Official Bat Day Question!?

    Nah. No problem.

    (as long as your outfit isn't reminiscent of a character)

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    Re: Official Bat Day Question!?

    Plus, bear in mind that I'm 99% sure Noah (organizer) informed the park well in advance. I've read here that there was CM assistance in getting the nighttime Haunted Mansion photos taken efficiently and quickly, and of course the photo at the castle couldn't have been easy to do without any CM knowledge. (I wouldn't know, we skipped the castle photo and bailed at 4pm due to massive crowds and way too much heat...we don't do daytime, dammit!) If the park was aware, then I'm sure they notified the frontline leads and whatnot to be a little giving when it comes to bizarre outfits that falls short of being character-like costumes.
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