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Thread: tiki room

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    tiki room

    I have a question for people who really pay attention to little details.

    i was in the tiki room today and I noticed that "Michael's" chest moves in and out as if he is breathing.

    Is this a new effect or did the birds allways "Breathe"?

    if it is new then its a very nice subtle touch.

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    Well since I have started visiting the Enchanted Tiki Room back in 93' the birds chests are supposed to move and sometimes they did. But up until the recent rehab nothing was really up to par. I think Josť and Fritz's chests were the only ones that moved. Whenever Pierre came on an audible air hiss filled the room. And the wilting flowers tried to sing along. I always sit along the back wall and the tiki poles on the left would start to glow, like a light bulb turning on and off behind them, during the crescendo of the hawaiian war chant before the gods are angered.

    This is my favorite attraction and I am delighted with the rehab that it went through. If for the very least the speakers sound better and the audio and animatronics are synched up better now. I still hope that Disneyland releases a CD similar to Pirates or Haunted Mansion with outtakes and ads and stuff just for the Enchanted Tiki Room. Guess I will have to live with my bootlegs and LPs for now.

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    I think they were always supposed to "breathe", but like bth said, they weren't always kept up to par.

    Remember the movie they showed in the lobby before Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln? Walt was talking about the Tiki Room birds and he had one of them for demonstration. That bird's chest really did move in and out quite a bit.
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    I heard a story that when Walt first saw them he got upset that they were not 'breathing' so he made the workers re-do them so they would look more life like.

    Is this true? I have no idea, just passing on a story I heard from one of these forums lol.

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