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    Re: Should Disneyland expand their Candlelight Processional shows?

    Quote Originally Posted by TP2000
    Why change tradition? That Procession has been on Main Street since Walt started it in '58
    Last season a member of my group had a semi threatening health emergency which required us to leave the park during CLP. As you can imagine getting down Main Street and out the gate at that time was not an easy thing to do. By the time we had made it out, for the first time in my life I was so angry I wanted to drop a bomb onto the park and destroy everyone and everything in it.

    I've since dubbed the event Candlelight ProcessionHELL.
    "Who inspects these rides anyway, Dopey and Goofy?"

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    Re: Should Disneyland expand their Candlelight Processional shows?

    Quote Originally Posted by Flint
    If you don't like the topic.....stay out of the thread!!

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    Re: Should Disneyland expand their Candlelight Processional shows?

    I've literally seen dozens of narrators perform at the Candlelight Procession. You can never tell who will be excellent, and it has little to do with their celebrity stature. IMO, the best delivery - of the one's I've seen - was given by Craig T. Nelson. Whoda thunk?

    Last year was a real treat ... with Dick Van Dyke doing the honors for the 50th Year version of the show. He was back for his second go at it .... last done in 1964 at the height of Mary Poppins mania!

    Heheh, Marie Osmond was sitting in the crowd, ready to go on if Dick had a stroke or something. She is often the last-minute substitute, and I got a really bad feeling when I saw her in the audience ... what a relief, and a delight, when Dick Van Dyke took the stage as scheduled.

    I love the fact that, with a dining package, guests can now sit in the audience .... since I've lived through many a decade when guests were strictly relegated to the street beyond the seating area. And there's nothing like the Town Square setting, with the massed choir and living Christmas Tree piled high against the Main Street Station, trumpeters blaring from the highest rooftop.

    Fantasyland Theater was a travesty! I truly hope they never move it back there, and never cheapen this traditional event by performing it several dozen times throughout the holiday season. Bad enough that they went to an early show and a late show. Bah. I wouldn't mind if it were a once-only event. It's a wonderful herald to Christmastime. That it only happened twice-a-year gave it a unique allure. 4 performances is dicey, and 30 would be a crying shame.

    Leave it just as it is, just where it belongs.

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