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Thread: snacks at DLR?

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    snacks at DLR?

    anyone know if little snacks such as trail mix, baby carrots and fruit can be brought into DLR? I ask because I will be making a visit this friday ( ) and need to know if I can bring these king of things in. thanx to everyone in advance

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    Re: snacks at DLR?

    Ya you can bring in snacks. I usually bring in dried mangoes and the little packs of beef jerkey from costco.

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    Re: snacks at DLR?

    Yah you can bring those and if you got a camelback bring that. It saves time and money on beverages, plus a place to put sovuniers and food.

    Im bored, lets go to Disneyland.

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    Re: snacks at DLR?

    I don't think there's a written rule about no outside drink and food, is there?

    Anytime we went, we brought lots of water and some clif bars. Kept the kids going and going and going and...

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    Re: snacks at DLR?

    Sorry, I'm in the wrong thread.

    I thought that said Snakes at DLR.

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