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    Anyone see Block Party Bash on Sat?

    It started at 5:15, made three stops along the way. Everyone I asked afterwards enjoyed it. I thought it was a lot of fun. The music was good without getting to be something that got on your nerves after a few times. Ok, I did have a bit of a tic when the macarena music started, but it didn't last too long. The music and the tic. I just hope that people at the end of the parade route are informed that the parade makes two stops before it gets to them. That's a long time to be sitting there waiting and waiting, especially if its a hot day.

    Sorry, I've been off line a few days and didn't scroll down far enough to see the first post! <embarassed>
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    everyone Ive talked to loved this parade! I really think its already a hit for DCA!

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