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    A Fantasmic! crowd who worked together...

    While we waited last night for the 10:30 F! we witnessed many people,strangers, coming together to help out with a bad situation. We were standing near the control panel when someone in the seated section in front of us spilled a soda. It was a full cup and the ground slopes to the right. As you can imagine suddenly two dozen people hopped to their feet as the rivers of soda ran downhill. The man whose soda it was said nothing and did nothing, but, people from all over sprang into action. The people that were getting soaked by the sticky river were too busy grabbing up their children and belongings to do much else, but those that were unaffected by the mess ran to get stacks of napkins from the nearby food vendors. When it was somewhat mopped up other people emptied their disney bags and gave them to people so they could sit back down rather than having to abandon their places that they had waitied on for an hour. It was really nice to see people working together rather than being oblivious or cranky as sometimes happens at the end of a long, hot day. Nice work F! crowd of 9/2 @10:30.

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    Re: A Fantasmic! crowd who worked together...

    LOMA...seriously....rivers of soda soaking dozens of people...OMG call fema...LOL

    it is nice to hear everyone was so nice and helpful...

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    Re: A Fantasmic! crowd who worked together...

    It is nice to hear stories like this. It just goes to show that there are still some well mannered and good people out there .

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    Re: A Fantasmic! crowd who worked together...

    I have a river of soda story from 6-8th grade (you may skip this if you wish):

    During lunch break, I was sitting on one side of the lunch table with these 2 guys couple feet away from me. They purposefully tipped over a can of soda so that it would flow to the other side of the bench where these 2 girls were just sitting, watching, and talking away from our direction. The 2 guys were over-excited to see the girls get sticky with the soda... so after a while of the soda stream crawling closer and closer to the girls, I finally stood up and tapped the girls on the shoulder and told them. They said "thanks" and just left... never to be seen again... ANYWAYS, the guys were like "Psh, thanks a lot!". Then they left... so now I'm sitting alone by myself on the lunch table...

    True story.

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