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    Talking Re: Just returned from DLR... 15 observations

    The Tarzan's Treehouse view was probably better when it was called "The Swiss Family Treeshouse View"-


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    Re: Just returned from DLR... 15 observations

    Quote Originally Posted by Radiobarry View Post
    I could not agree more. Everyone pays (and pays and pays) to make their way in, and spend a day at the resort. One person is no better than another. Jerks come from all over, with all kinds of different tickets...and the same is true for the vast majority, who are polite and treat others with respect.

    SOME APers ruin the status for the rest of us! Some need to think of it as more of a privledge than a right!

    I think it is more like the bus loads of school aged kids running around sans-chaperones or foreign tour busses that make their people follow them in a group mowing down the rest of us in their paths that ruin DLR!

    APs have a certain respect and loyalty to the park, IMHO. Atleast if they don't they should! I do, but I'm an out of state APer, so I cannot speak for the SoCal passholders.

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    Re: Just returned from DLR... 15 observations

    I agree completely, DCA should never been seen in the light!

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