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    Remeber... Dreams Come True" Review from soft open 5/2

    What a great evening at the Magic Kingdom! Not only did I get my 6-disc CD collectors set (with the LE gold vinyl)... but we got to see the preview for the fireworks and the new parade. Below is a brief recap of the fireworks for those of you itching to get the inside scoop. I am NOT going to tell all, but hopefully it will be enough keep you jonesing for more!


    First I need to stress, do whatever you have to get into the hub to see the fireworks. If you don't, you'll miss half the effects. Make sure you are close to the castle and have a clear view, there are some new themed lighting effects that use the castle as the backdrop. Those of you who were around us tonight near the TV Cameras know what I mean. The strobe lights on the castle re an amazing effect as well. Also, I would say there have to be at least 5 times more fireworks shot from inside the park than in Believe. There was so much smoke in the park following the show that I thought we all might need oxygen.

    Julie Andrews does a superb job narrating the show. Her voice adds that classic Disney touch that the show needs to get all sentimental and magical.

    Tinkerbell shows up about 2 minutes into the and goes up, down, and all around. A great effect, though some how I was expecting more. None the less it was fantastic! After about 3 minutes of introductions, the scene shifts back to Walt’s opening address and some "regular" fireworks. the show then goes through the years and focuses on each of the "lands" of Disneyland and some of the attractions that have made them famous.

    One of my favorite moments was the lighting effect on the castle during the MSEP music. The castle strobes go off and a mired of different colored lights blink all throughout the castle. The crowd was clapping throughout the MSEP segment, bringing back chills to those of us remembering the "good ole days".

    As the show progressed to the New Orleans segment, the sounds of the Haunted Mansion brought the nights first glimpse of the fireworks in the hub area. I couldn't count all of the locations, but it seemed like eight or ten locations surrounding the hub, fireworks shot straight up into the air, lighting the hub up like I have never seen it before. It was AMAZING!!!!!

    Another new effect during Indiana Jones were the "flame throwers" from atop the castle. Flaming gas was shot up into the air from ontop the castle from six different cannons, kind of the same effect that you see in the Wizard of Oz as Dorothy and friends meet the Wizard for the first time. You could feel the heat from the fireballs as they exploded in the air. Big fireballs, very big! This as done as red fireworks were launched behind the castle. A goosebump moment.

    Aside from goosebump moments, there were some funny moments as well. The castle as transformed into the shooting arcade as ducks with targets raced around and and firewroks marked the moments where they were shot.

    I think my favorite position of the show was the laser fight during Star Wars, as lasers ere shot around the hub with fireworks explosions as different targets were hit. This had the biggest crowd response of the night!

    I purposely have left out other portions of the show, simply because it needs to be seen by one and all. I thought Disney would have a very hard time beating Believe, but I think they may have done it with this one.

    Again, I need to stress, this show must be viewed from the hub, no ifs ands or buts about it.

    As a Disneyland old timer and a harsh critic of Disney entertainment, I can safely say that this show is one of the best to come out of the park in a very long time and shows that Matt and the new cast in TDA get it! Disneyland is finally starting to show signs of that quality we once expected from Walt's magical kingdom. It's cutting edge, its exciting, and beyond worthy of the two hour wait you'll have to forgo in the hub to see it.

    Enjoy everyone!
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    I love these reviews, keep it up

    ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy

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    bump! Had to do it

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    I was not overwhelmed by the parade but the part where Walt Disney's voice comes on at the end really made me feel welcome and I really thought the magic was back at Disneyland.... FINALLY ! ! !

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