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    Re: Photos from Monday and Tuesday, lots of closures and refurb walls

    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy4 View Post
    Oh cool! Thanks!

    Hey, that was me with Fishbulb and Dusty when we saw you in line for Pirates. Sorry I didn't go back and introduce myself. I was in mid-conversation with Dusty. Then I found out who you guys were and I was mad at myself for not going back! Dumb G4! Hopefully I will meet you soon!!
    Ahh, no worries! I didn't even realize you were around to be honest haha. Oh well Next time!

    Photos, news, and commentary every week from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom!

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    Re: Photos from Monday and Tuesday, lots of closures and refurb walls

    Thanks for yet another AMAZING update Darkbeer. I think we all agree that Tomorrowland is in dire need of some changes and I am so excited to see so much work being done. The Club Buzz removal is a great start and I can't wait to see what they have in store for the People Mover area (*crosses fingers*)!

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    Talking Re: Photos from Monday and Tuesday, lots of closures and refurb walls

    I don't seem to able to start a thread of my own, but if someone looking at photos here can help at all I would be eternally grateful.

    We have just returned from our latest bi-annual trip to DLR and DCA and my 3 year old niece has fallen in love with the grass eating dinosaur in the primeval diorama on the railroad.

    Despite all our best efforts we have failed to capture a decent photo of him, our cheap cameras failed to take into account the no flash photography restrictions.

    Can anyone help, we are putting together a memory book for her, and all she talks about is these "damn dinosaurs"

    Alternatively if anyone can move my post to a more appropriate space, feel free.

    I look forwards to lots of help from all you disneyland fans.

    (p.s can anyone provide details of how to buy commemorative stones (cobbles whatever they are called) it may well have been the last family holiday for a while for all 10 of us together and we thought we could always all be together at DLR with a stone!!!)


    Disney Chick

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