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    Re: Autopia-uhm.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Druggas View Post
    I think the cars should be modeled after real cars and the kids should be taught road rage etiquette

    Quote Originally Posted by TacAlert View Post
    Let them sit in the sun for a couple years and then post a picture of the HK cars and compare them to ours.

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    Re: Autopia-uhm.....

    True. Our Autopia cars don't look very futuristic; but compared to MK's Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, they're awesome!

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    Re: Autopia-uhm.....

    HK's car are a little retro, but they still look like zippy little sports cars of the future. DL's cars look like stodgy little hybrids from a couple of years ago.
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    Re: Autopia-uhm.....

    I'm not saying that I'd like our cars to be an exact replica of the HK ones. I'm just saying that our cars could be updated, or at least have one style of car on the autopia track. We have 2 types of cars, the big fake looking ones (the right-top picture in the box i provided) and the more realistic ones (the front car in the left picture).

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