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    Re: Discovery Bay at DCA????

    oh! oh! i thought of this just after i posted my last comment lol

    maybe add the proposed Incredibles ride as one of the E-tickets (I think it was planned to go in this area anyways)

    and maybe put in some form of Western River Expansion here as well? i know it probably would fit better in the grizzly peak area, but with some small themeing changes, it defintely could work in Pacific Wharf as well
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    Re: Discovery Bay at DCA????

    I would much rather have a full San Fran area with the whole feel of the bay area.
    love the SanFran long as they dont' include the hills...oi, i get a work out enough going thru the parks
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    Re: Discovery Bay at DCA????

    Quote Originally Posted by FormerDiz View Post
    I like the San Francisco concept myself. I really hope they build a Castro district! That'll make the first weekend in October WAY more interesting.

    I would be excited if they threw in a little DB into the area. I've always loved that pic Hyperbole posted and concept in general (I'm a sucker for Victorian)
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