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    Ariel's Grotto question

    I have a question to any of you. Send we all know that there is big changes to DCA. Do any of you think that Ariel's Grotto will still be there. I really hope so. That is my favorite place to eat at DCA.

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto question

    I think it will be. Its a nice restaurant and the descriptions that I have read of what is to be changed seem to point to the other side of the pier.

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto question

    It should be safe. It's quite popular- and also doesn't really make sense already. (Disney princesses wandering around a restraunt an ol' timey seaside amusement park?) So actually if the Pixarifcation starts creeping in, Ariel's Grotto will infact make MORE sense, and strengthen the theme.
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    Re: Ariel's Grotto question

    I love that place...great pot pie.

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