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    New photo albums from the last few days...

    From September 13th...

    Scaffolding be removed from the DtD Monorail Station, and a look at the DLH convention center work

    September 14th...

    Matterhorn work

    Removal of more Photo Mosiacs

    The Tomorrowland construction

    The Flag Retreat

    Goofy's Kitchen

    The new Lounge at Granville's (the old Top Brass)

    And More

    Then from September 15th

    Photos of the new Ticket Window Menu's, showing the one day and AP price increases

    Plus a look at some new trees in the Lion King Tram area
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    Re: New photo albums from the last few days...

    Amazing photos Darkbeer. Love your updates. Thanks for keeping me sane while away from the park.

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    Re: New photo albums from the last few days...

    What's the name of the new Granville's Lounge? It looks really nice. What are they doing outside the Bonita Tower?
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