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    Re: I wish there was no show or fireworks

    It appears that they still have not corrected the crowd control issues that came up when they went to "off season" CM staffing? Here is a link where I posted about it.

    Crowd Control Issues

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    Re: I wish there was no show or fireworks

    Quote Originally Posted by MaleficentFan View Post
    ^ There were THAT many people on Main Street last night? I wouldn't know, I was in Adventureland during the fireworks.
    I was leaving, or at least trying to leave, Adventureland during the fireworks. There were A LOT of people in that area last night during the fireworks.

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    Re: I wish there was no show or fireworks

    Quote Originally Posted by SCUBAbe View Post
    Then there's the people who are either panicing or have low tolerance and they use the most colorful language the whole time.
    Yeah, tell me about it. I was walking around the hub one night as Remember was beginning and the crowd kept stopping as shells went off. Well one lady who was SITTING DOWN in the crowd area by Frontierland told a woman who had stopped in front of her due to the crowd stopping "Hey, you need to keep moving, we've been waiting here forever, stop watching and MOVE!" and the woman she was yelling as told her very forcibly "Hey - I'm trying!" and then the lady on the floor said "Don't talk to me like that, you stupid b*tch!" and the other lady finally started moving again as the crowd was going. I leaned down to the lady on the floor, and yelled over the fireworks "Hey- you're at DISNEYLAND"

    I could have said some more, but the crowd was moving, and I think she got the point because at first she scowled at me, but then it quickly turned into bewilderment as she realized a 19-year-old kid just told her to behave herself.

    What's worse is that she had children with her, and there were so many more people all around her.

    I just don't understand people. This lady shouldn't have been sitting anyway. NOBODY else around her was sitting - didn't she get the hint that it was standing-room only and she wasn't going to see anything by sitting??

    Oh well.

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