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    News: Imagineers Reign Supreme at Disneyland

    "...The Magic Kingdom’s 18-month-long 50th anniversary celebration is slowly winding down, but the rides that have been refurbished, including the Pirates of the Caribbean, will remain.

    As a writer, I am inspired by the ingenious creations of the Disney Imagineers, some of which are interpretations of an imagined world and some of which are clever imitations of reality. Disney mastered the art of creating worlds within a world.

    [...]Disney has taken New Orleans and fashioned another reality, a city without crime or unmentionable scents. He took the best of New Orleans — the iron lace balconies, scent of apple fritters and the bold colors of Mardi Gras — and created a “city” with a sense of purity that is evident in the scent.

    The Disney Imagineers have come a long way from their first Audio-Animatronic creation, which was a giant squid in the movie “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

    At the park’s closing hour when guests witness the sea of mouse ears bobbing down Main Street, there won’t just be the traditional black ears or even the golden 50th ears — but the new Pirates of the Caribbean ears complete with a golden ring circling a pierced black ear and a jaunty red and black bandana over the cap. It’s enough to make you want to swagger like Captain Jack Sparrow.

    Much more at the link above.

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    Re: News: Imagineers Reign Supreme at Disneyland

    ORDDU: Very true, Frogberto, duckling. And, now, I want to give you a heads up warning over the fact that my sister, Orgoch, is already licking her chops over the frog you have as your avatar. You might want to put the little creature in a cage with a heavy padlock on it--for all the good it will do when dealing with a determined little witch who thinks all frogs to Heaven--after, first, making a short side trip to her growling tummy...

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