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    Post Grand California Suite Information Request

    Hi there.

    I am planning to visit DL in September and stay at the Grand California, but I am unsure whether or not to stay in a suite. My hesitation comes entirely from the choice of view (I know, a somewhat strange reason to hestitate, but nonetheless . . . ). I would prefer not to be relegated to a view of downtown Disney, and optimally, I would like a view of the park. So, I am posting to ask all of those gathered here, but especially those with direct experience, what views are available with the suites at the GC hotel?

    In the end, if all of the suites face DtD, I would rather take a regular room with a park view, even though the rooms are not all that big. So, any help would be appreciated. :o


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    I thought they were on poolside. Can't you call and ask?

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    As I recall there are a few suites on the DCA side of the GC.... however a very good way to find this out- along with pricing- is to call. The cast members have all that information and will do everything they can to ensure that you get the view you want.


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    I stayed in one of the suites last year and it looked out over the World of Disney store. However, I think there's also several that look over California Adventure.
    As Stage said, the CMs will be more than happy to tell you what views they have available for the dates you want, it shouldn't be a problem getting you one that has a view of DCA.

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