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    Re: New Tink Figurines

    Oh man...
    How much are the paintings?

    I might have to get one of these instead of the shadowbox!
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    Re: New Tink Figurines

    Add this to the list of things to NOT let the Tinker know about!! She will be so hoping for great things come Christmas since G'ma and G'pa are coming along!! I told her when we left last year that we were coming back and if she wanted to earn extra $$ to figure out some extra helpful stuff to do around the house...but NO!! Now that we are less than 3 weeks out she keeps asking for ways to earn $$!! I swear if she could she'd pull teeth out to get tooth fairy money!!

    Having said all that, those are STUNNING figurines and would look great in her Fairy room that is to be decorated over the school Christmas break. She wants it to be a Fairy Hollow on the edge of a meadow as it meets the forest. Creative much?
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    Re: New Tink Figurines

    Love the paintings. I like the first painting very enchanting.
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