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Thread: Park Regulars

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    Park Regulars

    I hear from CM's and others that there are folks who come to the park virtually every day. A friend of mine who used to work at WDS introduced me once to a guy named John who is in the park pretty much daily. I've seen this guy almost every time I've been to DL since. Brown hair. Probably mid-30's to early-40's. Denim DL jacket with embroidery on the back.

    So do you know of other daily regulars?

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    Oh yeah. There are some that are quite well known amongst the cast. They generally are very freindly and knowledgable folks who have gotten their money's worth out of hte annual passes many times over.
    Though seriously for these folks privacy (they are just guests, not CMs or anything else) you'll forgive me if I refrain from printing names and descriptions.
    However, there is amongst a group, some regulars whom closeout out the park- that is, they make sure that they are last ones out of Disneyland, very thorough in scanning through all of the stores on Main Street, we know we are clear when he buzzes through.
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    wow. i thought i hated to leave the park at closing
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    Someone I work with talked to a district attorney that goes down to The Park everyday for his lunch break. Must be nice

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    I saw this interview with a High School girl that can't do her homework at home so she goes into Tommorowland everday to study.
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    KOH your avatar is scarry

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    I remember a few of the regulars from when I worked there. For the most part they are all friendly and very sweet. But there were a couple that we were actually told by management to watch out for. One guy, after many incidents, finally got thrown out of the park for doing, lets just say "lewd acts". A close friend of mine caught him in the corner of My Lincoln. Another guy we had to watch out for on Storybook, and we were even instructed not to let him ride a boat with a female guide and if no male was around we had to call the FL manager and he would get someone or do it himself.

    Not to diminish the rep of regulars, just pointing out a couple bad eggs that I found interesting!
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    Wow, I would love to do my homework in Tomorrowland. Imagine that. How about writing essays in Coke Corner, watching the magic while sipping a Coke (what else) and listening to the piano play.

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