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    Re: Why Doesn't DL have more females in entertainment?

    One word for you, Fantasmic!

    Also, just about every parade in the Co.

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    Re: Why Doesn't DL have more females in entertainment?

    ^that's true, I think the bulk of the female performers are in the characters dept. and parades dept. Female auditions for parades and such get up to 600 girls showing up, while the the most I have seen at mens auditions is around 150 or so.

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    Re: Why Doesn't DL have more females in entertainment?

    I totally support more female pirates, can can dancers, and live mermaids.

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    Re: Why Doesn't DL have more females in entertainment?

    As for ragtime piano, the piano in general was a very "girly" instrument in the 1800's, and very popular among adolescent girls and women with enough economic standing to not be scrubbing things all day. A young woman playing piano, even ragtime piano, was supposedly a fairly common sight in small American town storefronts around the turn of the century as a customer draw.

    There are also quite a few female composers/players of the ragtime era, they just get lost along with everyone else whose name isn't Joplin. And probably didn't play in the original ragtime venues, unless um, ladies of the night did so on their breaks. So as for the main street piano deal I'd be more prone to say it's just interpreted as a "boy's club" for now, and none of the I'm sure many talented lady pianists of the area have gone for the position.

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