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    Art Project - Help Appreciated

    Well, in art class, we're studying "the line." Our job is to make a "lined environment" through an ink drawing (all we're allowed to use is a thin-tip sharpie, no color). We're supposed to express different types of lines in our drawings such as vertical, horizontal, spiral, curved, angular or zig-zag, diagonal, parallel, and so on so forth.

    At first the mad tea party from the movie seemed like a great idea, but we're supposed to avoid using copyrighted images. So I thought it might be a good idea to draw Walt and Mickey in the hub with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background, Paradise Pier, or the esplanade from Disneyland so that the Golden Gate Bridge can be a backdrop for the California sign.

    If any of you photographers have a picture of any of these, or any other ideas I could use, can you please reply to this thread? Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Art Project - Help Appreciated

    Friend walks into line of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh-
    "Come on, Let's go see Country Bear- .......Oh."
    -August 1st 2010

    And this elevator traverls directly to The Twilight Zone The Gift Shop!
    -August 2nd 2010

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    Re: Art Project - Help Appreciated

    Best two I could find...

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    Re: Art Project - Help Appreciated

    Keep in mind these are all copyrighted symbols, as well...

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