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    Smile A new dawn on Remember

    The website has a preview for year of A Million Dreams and a picture shows the tomorowland scene of remember which might be a hint that remember will stay!
    Friend walks into line of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh-
    "Come on, Let's go see Country Bear- .......Oh."
    -August 1st 2010

    And this elevator traverls directly to The Twilight Zone The Gift Shop!
    -August 2nd 2010

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    Re: A new dawn on Remember

    I hope so! Remember is amazing!

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    Re: A new dawn on Remember

    That would make my dream come true.

    And while they are making peoples dreams come true, I am sure we could all put together a nice list...
    Daffy: How's this for a new team name: The Ducks!
    Bugs: Please! What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name their team The Ducks?

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    Re: A new dawn on Remember

    I hope so too. I tried to tape it but the wind cancelled it .

    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
    -Jurassic Park

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