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    Disney Shopping - Port Royal Review

    As an avid shopper and seeker of the strange and unusual, I was quite excited to hear about the new Port Royal - Curios and Curiosities store in the anchor spot in New Orleans Square. This location was hand picked by Walt for the One of the Kind antique shop, which held many a rare and unusual thing a modern shopper would drool over, while also setting the theme for the entire land. A curiosity shop certainly sounded right for this location, so I ran directly to it yesterday and was shocked! The only thing curious about the store was the complete lack of any curios or curiosities. It was filled with nothing more than generic pirate themed T-Shirts and mall style lighting and displays. Nothing period. Nothing interesting. Disney retail is such a tease.

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    Re: Disney Shopping - Port Royal Review

    It's too bad they won't bring back the One Of A Kind shop. It was great. Why do we need another pirate shop with the same stuff the other has?

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    Re: Disney Shopping - Port Royal Review

    I always loved the One-of-a-Kind shop. I know that Disney has gotten into the square footage analysis of every shops profitability. Every shop has to make a certain amount of money to stick around. Unfortunately, while looking through the One-of-a-kind shop was fun, few people actually bought things there. Disney makes boatloads on the cheap overpriced, pirate themed merchandise.

    I would love to see the One-of-a-kind shop come back, but I am also a realist too.
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