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    Quote Originally Posted by s8ntmark
    They have to bring the Death Star into it somehow, where did it come from otherwise? I think thats a great ending!
    But they did show the plans in Episode II..... (which were detailed well. )

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    Read the novel. the ending of Ep III is exactly as Capt. Zissou says. Rick McCallum hinted as much about six months ago.

    As for the ride, I thought the plan was always to put you in the pod race? I mean, the Geonosis battle was a ground battle. The Coruscant battle in Ep III has no real ending. As much as Ep I was reviled, a pod race would be a great place to accidentally end up with Rex.
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    the 20th century is actually the 1900s. Since the year 1 would be the beginning of the 1st century, than the year 101 would be the 2nd century, and so on. Get it?

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    I have some ideas for 5 new films in addition to a remastered version of the old one(Make the Death Star in the old Endor film the Death Star 2. Apparently in one novel, it acknowledges that Rex was there at the Battle of Endor. And replace that trench run with the run into the Death Star core)
    As for other ride films I would choose 5 other planets:
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    Quote Originally Posted by turbo funky
    Actually, the water planet with the really bad weather is Camino. Geonosis is the red planet that the first battle of the clone wars is fought on.

    But point well taken.
    You mean Kamino.
    Sorry to correct the corrector of a post that was previously corrected twice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountOffKing
    The sign that once said Starspeeder 2000 is no longer in place outside of Star Tours. A couple months ago my friend and I submitted a complaint at City Hall requesting that the sign be fixed with the other 50th refurbishments and a week later the sign was gone.
    Thank goodness. That sign was wrong for several years. I even took a picture of it and after seeing it a few times I asked a CM why the sign was wrong...she really didn't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostbuster626
    Geonosis could be a cool destination for Star Tours if its during the Clone Wars. It could be like the current death star battle only better and on a planet!
    I disagree that it would be better. I agree, however, that it would be on a planet.

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