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    Disneyland Detail: Main Street Jack-o-Lanterns/Pumpkins

    When I popped into Disneyland a week ago today, last Monday, I began to see the hand carved pumpkins begin to appear in Main Street -- the first ones were above the Magic Shop. I imagined that the imagineering staff had fun creating different pumpkins for the windows and overhangs in Main Street, since there are so many of them, and each one seems to be different:

    A great story in yesterday's Orange County Register reveals that the 300 individually carved pumpkins on Main Street, and the new Main Street window displays (the changing antique portraits in the Photo Shop are especially great to see) are the work of one 28 year old woman from Fullerton.

    "ANAHEIM This summer while the nation was wrapped in red, white and blue bunting for Independence Day celebrations, Shawna Tice-Miles was thinking orange. Orange as in the 300 foam-core pumpkins that needed to be carved for Disneyland's Halloween windows. And orange as in the orange-and-white cobweb cakes created to dazzle children's eyes in the costume shop.
    As one of the top window-display artists at Disneyland, the Fullerton resident works months in advance to capture seasonal elements for 20 showcase windows in the resort.
    Tice-Miles, 28, must maintain Walt Disney's mantra: Every window on Main Street must tell a story.
    "I love researching Victoriana on the Internet and in books, and trying to capture the merrymaking," Tice-Miles said.
    "Designing is all in the details."
    She also injects the psychology of window dressing she learned at the Fashion Institute of Los Angeles.
    Boys tend to be attracted to weaponry at Halloween, while girls find costumes and characters appealing. These props will be used to emphasize the newest promotion, Disney's HalloweenTime, in which the theme park will take on the holiday's motif.
    Men are magnetized by sports-related merchandise with hard lines. Women's eyes are drawn to soft florals accenting a main theme.
    Green-velvet walls attract the male eye; gilded walls lure the female eye.
    "At Disneyland, we don't want so much glitz," she said. "We want window displays to be homey and inviting."
    [...]"Here at Disneyland, we want visitors to find a treasure in every corner," Tice-Miles said. "I want to work here forever."

    More is in the article, but some of the photos that accompanied the article appear below:

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    Re: Disneyland Detail: Main Street Jack-o-Lanterns/Pumpkins

    Excellent Photos Frogberto!

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    Re: Disneyland Detail: Main Street Jack-o-Lanterns/Pumpkins

    That is too awesome. I cant wait to see.
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    Re: Disneyland Detail: Main Street Jack-o-Lanterns/Pumpkins

    Thanks for the pics! 300 pumpkins all by one person? Impressive, especially since they're all pretty much the nicest carved pumpkins I've ever seen.

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