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    My Trip Sept 28-29

    Just got back last night with my 8 year old son Jeff. We had a truely WONDERFUL TIME!! Got early entry Thurs (not too early) 9:30ish and stayed until park close. Hit Space, Buzz and Star Tours in the first 30 mins. I collected a couple fast passes, but didnt' need them most rides were walk on. We stayed at the Best Western PPI acrosss the street which was great. Free breakfast can't be beat ( no bed bugs btw) I saw exactly 1 silver fish and he didnt' last long. ( it's tough being a bug)

    Few random thoughts aobut my trip:

    8 year old boys do NOT like Small World

    41 year old moms need lots of coffee to keep up with 8 year old boys on Tom Sawyers Island (whew!!)

    The goat trick does not work if you are in the first seat

    The goat also does not work on Pirates (hehe saw a goat just a joke)

    DCA needs some serious Magic, although the GC is incredible

    Fantasmic ,from someone who has never seen it, is wonderful

    Remember fireworks is great if there isn't a tree in your way

    Off season rocks

    I honestly believe you need a plan of action to really make the most out of your trip. For all of you who can go whenever you want, maybe not so much, but for those of us who only get there once in awhile, having a plan really makes your trip feel full.
    Thanks to this board for all your wonderful tips and tricks to help make my trip a success.

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    Re: My Trip Sept 28-29

    The 28th was my Birthday and the 29th was my mother's. Thanks for celebrating them at DLR for us. Wish we had gone too.

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    Re: My Trip Sept 28-29

    Quote Originally Posted by Leofoenget View Post
    Off season rocks
    Providing 'everything' isn't close, then indeed it does! Glad you had such a good time!

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