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    million dreams/ FREE TICKET!

    My wife just emailed to say we got a free one day park hopper in the mail for the million dreams contest. COOL! But does this mean i can't win again? How did thye get my name? So far I love this promo

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    Re: million dreams/ FREE TICKET!

    Maybe she secretly signed you up for the Disney credit card. I think you get a free ticket for that

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    Re: million dreams/ FREE TICKET!

    Disney Marketing, in a move that is similar to what Universal has been doing the last couple of years, is using mailing lists that are either gathered from internal lists (such as previous AP holders who failed to renew) or purchased for outside sources (meeting certain criteria, such as known parents with children) a flyer that has a coupon for a Free One-Day ParkHopper (good from 10/1 thru 11/15).

    The hope is that the person will bring other folks (such as roommates, family, friends, etc.) who will buy tickets, and of course spend money on food and merchandise. And maybe even decided to buy an AP.
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