"...Syverson was killed in a mortar attack in Balad just weeks before he was to return home.
This December, Syverson’s family will finally visit the happiest place on Earth, thanks to a charity organizing a holiday Disney trip for grieving military families. His wife, Jackie, said her 9-year-old son is looking forward to the vacation, even if it will bring back some painful memories.
“He never made it there with Dad,” she said. “And he still won’t go there with Dad.”
The charity, the Orange Coast Snowball Express, is being organized by California real estate consultant Mark Kerr, who ran a similar program for needy children in 1998. He started organizing this year’s event 10 months ago, as a way of helping out the military community.
“This is just meant to be an incredible dream weekend for these kids,” he said. “We want to help make up the difference, in whatever way we can, between where government help stops and whatever they need.”
With help from local Rotary Clubs and other volunteers, Kerr has secured a host of donations to bring the grieving families to southern California in mid-December.
Southwest Airlines has pledged free flights. Marriott and Fairmont hotels have set aside rooms for their stay. Local stores have donated money and gift cards to give the families a pre-Christmas shopping spree for themselves.
So far, Kerr has a few hundred families signed up..."

More at the story above. Great job in organizing this.