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    Re: Western River Expedition

    Quote Originally Posted by Speedway View Post
    Hands off punks!
    Western River Expedition was always intended for the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, never ever for Disneyland. The reason for this is because it was meant to be the replacement for Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom. It inspired Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland but was never meant to appear at the park in it's MK-incarnation.

    Oh and while I'm here, hands off Mickey's PhilharMagic too. That's staying at WDW.
    Actually, Marc Davis tried to get it built at Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland after he realized that he would not get it built at the Magic Kingdom. Western River Expedition wasn't the whole thing either. It was Thunder Mesa, which included a runaway mine train along with Western River Expedition, which just got seperated from the whole and built.

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    Re: Western River Expedition

    Quote Originally Posted by Melonballer View Post
    Neat video Opus1guy. Thanks for posting it.
    You're welcome. But it's actually a chemical emulsion film > VHS video tape transfer > DVD digital video burn > Windows Media Player File.

    So I'm not quite so sure just what the heck it actually is anymore!

    Let's just call it a home movie.

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    Re: Western River Expedition

    And like I said, DCA is desperate for a quality attraction of that
    style and magnitude, an attraction for everyone, regardless of
    age or height. And it really should be built now, while they can
    still get the Sherman Bros or "X" to write a Western diddy for
    for the attraction! I can't believe Disney has been sitting on a
    "gold mine" of an attraction all these years, and still haven't
    built it. Now is definitely the time.

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    Re: Western River Expedition

    Quote Originally Posted by Titanfreak46 View Post
    Doofy if you want to learn more about WRE jim hill came out with a great set of articles about it. It was actually to be a 30-40 minute ride, substantially longer then pirates and the haunted mansion.
    Thanks for the articles. I just finished reading them. After I posted I did a little searching and found the general concept but nothing that detailed. Too bad that was never built. I suppose there is a slim sliver of hope but I doubt it. That is exactly the kind of attractions that DLR needs. Something new that immerses you in the story.
    Check out my new Disney Blog here. What it lacks in quality it makes up with... Well, nothing I guess.

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    Re: Western River Expedition

    If anyone wants to know any more about what this attraction would be like, just check out Phantom Manor (DLP). There's a series of a wonderful documentary/ride through on youtube (don't want to link without author's permission-just do a search), with original animation for Thunder Mesa. It also goes into the background story of the whole ride concept.

    Actually, I just went to check out JH's is part 8 (It goes into further detail as to where you can find components of this attraction in other attractions).
    Interesting read, thank you Titanfreak46. Kind of sad that it drove Marc Davis out of Imagineering. Poor Mr. Baxter.

    Who gave you the right to dictate what ride goes to what park?

    I think DCA would do well to have a Gold Rush ride. It's a major part of California's history and should be acknowledged. Old Sutters Mill and the like. And DCA is the park that needs more E-tickets, especially of PotC and HM's nature, not DL.

    Frontierland really doesn't have to room to station a big attraction of WRE's nature...if the area gets a new ride I'd say it would have to be a small dark ride (using America's old folk tales), or perhaps a re-invention of Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland-or a combination of the two.

    And yes, thank you for the video!
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