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    Special Event Questions

    Hi everyone!
    I have a question I'm hoping some Disney fans can help me with.
    I plan on attending the Shag Cocktail event at the Disneyland Hotel, and see are there 2 tickets. With and without hotel. It works out to be $250 for that night at the hotel. Otherwise everything is the same according to the Disney Gallery website. That seems a bit pricey for 1 night. Do you think they might have something else special for the 50 folks who fork out the $250 for night at the hotel?
    I plan on staying a night in the area anyway, but can get a better deal. Any thoughts from those who have attended a Disney event?


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    Disney has done a few of these smaller events in the past year or so. They include the Indiana Jones Event (March 3, 2005) and the Sleeping Beauty's Royal Ball (February 14, 2004). Both times they had two levels (with or without hotel). We purchased the more expensive package for these and received the exact same items as did the lower priced package. On large events such as the Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion and the upcoming 50th event, the differences in the prices and gifts are clearly listed. My guess, for your extra money on the Shag event, you will receive the hotel room and nothing else. Hope this helps.

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    Yes, it does help! I'd rather get a less expensive room elsewhere, and spend the extra money on Shag stuff! Thank You!

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