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    Flaw? I see no flaw with Peter Pan's shorts... I'd rather he keep the shorts if that's where you're going...

    And Michelle, here's that Aladdin that I think you liked... he was there a last Sunday...

    Joey AKA "dlfreak"

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    If I become a bum people are going to say "Don't give him money, he's just gonna use it on Disneyland."
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    With all this talk of "off the shelf" and "on the back-burner" it seems the only thing that DCA is really missing is the kitchen sink!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlfreak
    Aladdin personified! Almost. I think he's a good Aladdin, kinda looks like him, IMO.

    Oh my God. If they publish those photos those turnstiles will go round and round!!!! I'm loving DCA's phase 4!!!!! Where's the drooling smiley!!!!!!!

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