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    News: Local tour guide offers "Disneyland Downtown Tours"

    I'm baffled as to how they see all this and Disneyland in a short tour, but here's the news story anyway:

    If one were to take a tour of LA, there are a few that we would recommend, but we'd be hard pressed to find anything as entertaining and as unique as Charles Phoenix's Downtown tour as he compares Chinatown, Union Station, Clifton's, Olvera Street, and other downtown locales with Disneyland.

    And souveniers? A puppet show? Huh?

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    Re: News: Local tour guide offers "Disneyland Downtown Tours"

    Thanks for the link, Frogberto. I'm going from memory here but I recall a thread here within the last few months, I believe involving a tour of downtown LA and its links to Disney...
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    Re: News: Local tour guide offers "Disneyland Downtown Tours"

    Met him at one of the SHAG/Disneyland merchandise/lithograph events. He is, to say the least, quite a character.

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    Re: News: Local tour guide offers "Disneyland Downtown Tours"

    thanks, Frogberto! That tour sure sounds interesting... Too bad about the Clifton's
    closing down (except for one). Used to be a thing-to-do when going to LA
    back in the 70s for my family.

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