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    Re: So if this Harry Potter rumor pans out. . .

    As an armchair imagineer, one of my imaginings is a fantasy-themed park called The Realm.

    One of the lands would be devoted to Harry Potter, center around a representation of Hogwarts Castle, and include -

    - An elaborate, E-ticket dark ride with broomstick-themed vehicles on a more-advanced Peter Pan-type system (with some degree of rider control, if possible).

    (I see that something similar has been mentioned in the post above).

    It would take you through a Quidditch game, and through various parts of the castle and surroundings, to "search" for some magical item or other (I would ask Rowling to work up a little original story that could fit into the series continuity somewhere).

    - Interactive walk-through scenes of various classrooms and passageways in Hogwarts.

    - A Hogwarts dining hall restaurant, complete with "enchanted" celing and pumpkin juice on the menu.

    - A shopping/dining area, half themed to Hogsmeade village, and half to Diagon Alley. (With some sort of "magical" passage linking the two).

    - A possible minor attraction in Diagon Alley, a mini roller-coaster themed to the subterranian vehicles used in Gringott's Bank.

    - Another possible minor attraction in Diagon Alley, a train ride themed to the Hogwarts Express.

    Mostly, I would want the art design to be based on the art and descriptions from the books, rather than the movies - however, I think they might probably be more popular with the movie images, and there would certainly be some things I'd want to use, like the beautifully animated Buckbeak from the third movie.

    As to the Warner/Disney conflict -

    Harry Potter movies show pretty often on the Disney Channel, and they used to show Warner's animated films like Thumbelina, while Warner's Cartoon Network has shown Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Honey I Shrunk the Kids a couple times.

    I can't see Harry Potter fitting into a Six Flags park, except maybe as a stage show. I can't see it being the kind of "extreme" thrill ride that they seem to specialize in, nor a kiddie ride in the kiddie ride section. (I haven't heard of them doing a fully themed, anamatronic populated, intended for the whole family ride, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong )

    I read on Wikipedia today, "It was recently announced that Disney has purchased the rights to include [non-Disney] Emily as the Attic Bride in "Haunted Mansion Holiday". Though of course, I don't know if that's true, either

    I can see Disney potentially shoehorning Harry into Hollywood Pictures Backlot, but I don't think I want to see that. Other than being a movie series, Harry Potter couldn't have less to do with California or Hollywood if it tried, and HPB is already looking too much like "Miscellaneousland" with Monster's Inc. there.

    Maybe if they built on the site of the Hunchback theatre at DL (whatever its called now) they could create a "Dark Forest" area next to it that could transition into the Fronteirland forest?

    Just from what I've heard about the park, it sounds like it could fit nicely into Universal Islands of Adventure's fantasy section - but I would want it to come to some California park, so I could go on it .
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