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Thread: Barnaby the Owl

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    Barnaby the Owl

    I don't know if anyone has posted this and i would be shocked if they hadn't but Barnaby now has his screen back (i know thats been posted) but now the pictures are back. The time i went on it they got it wrong but its nice to seem him talking and showing pictures again on splash.

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    Re: Barnaby the Owl

    It has been posted, but you have aided in an update in the fact that they're starting to go out of sync again

    Hmm, I hope they've fixed that. It was working correctly last i went.

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    Re: Barnaby the Owl

    Yeah i'm very extied about this change! He works and talks. The screen shows your photo now!

    Out of all the times ive been on splash, thats the first time ive seen it.

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    Re: Barnaby the Owl

    i can't wait to see him working again

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    Re: Barnaby the Owl

    I still want his brother back too

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