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Thread: Matterhorn

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    Question Matterhorn

    I know that it is scheduled to reopen in early December, right? Well I read somewhere that they might not make it in time...I am going to be in Disneyland from the 16-19 of you think it will be open by then? If so, nothing will be closed, right? That's what I read on! :0)
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    Re: Matterhorn

    You never can tell about these things. However, I think I read somewhere that they are putting in extra shifts to get it done by the Christmas rush. I was their on Sunday evening and their were people working on the Matterhorn then... at 8:00 pm! At least, that's what it looked like.

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    Re: Matterhorn

    They better have it done my christmas time cuz I love riding it during that time of the year. You can see nearly every twinkling christmas light in the park

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    Re: Matterhorn

    We will be there right before Thanksgiving and know it will be closed but how bad will it actually look? Does it have scaffolding around it and tarps and is the work noisy? Is it an eyesore or disguised in the "magical disney way" so it won't bother me? Thanks.

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    Re: Matterhorn

    They haven't moved on to repainting yet.

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