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    HM Bride Updates/Interview with Black Widow Bride

    The latest edition of the 'Inside the Magic' podcast has an interview with the new Black Widow Bride of the HM, Kat Cressida. During the interview be sure to listen to hints of even more enhancements coming to the mansions attic after HMH comes down.

    Speculation on what this might be?

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    Re: HM Bride Updates/Interview with Black Widow Bride

    I heard the teaser on last week's podcast, but I didn't know this was up already. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Re: HM Bride Updates/Interview with Black Widow Bride

    Kat Cressida plays Constance?!?!?!

    A voice actor who recently studied with her highly recommended I take her voiceover class at Voicecasters up in Burbank.

    If I didn't already have enough reason to take the class, now I most definitely do.
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    Re: HM Bride Updates/Interview with Black Widow Bride

    This has probably been posted before, but check this out now, then return on Halloween!
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