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    Lightbulb The number 50 and how it ties into Walt's life in memory...

    There are a few interesting events that happened in Walt Disney's life that have the number 50 in them, connecting memories of his life with Disneyland's 50th!! I thought I would share these fun facts with all my fellow Walt fans Anyone else have any to share?
    The war ended by the Ambulance Corps still needed 50 more men, and Walt was the 50th selected. He made his way to France.

    Roy helped him get a position as an apprentice at the Pesmen-Rubin Commercial Art Studio in 1919, where he drew horses, cows, and bags of feed for farm-equipment catalogues. Of course, he didn't ask what he'd be paid: the princely sum of $50 a month.

    Walts parents, Elias and Flora celebrated their 50th anniversary the year she passed.

    Walts first attempt on television His first small-screen effort was "One Hour in Wonderland" which aired on Christmas Day in 1950.

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    Why yes I do and they are shocking!!!

    Walt smoked..... 50 cigarettes a day.
    Walt opened Disneyland in the mid 50's!
    There was a parade at disneyland called....50...happy years.
    50.... was the number of times he cussed out the guys working on Mr Lincoln.
    50...was the number of hairs on the back of guest's necks went up when they saw Abe stand up in 1964.
    The Country Walt built Disneyland in now has.....50 states.
    The last pack of gum Walt chewed cost......50 cents.
    when Walt's scotch was watered down it was exactly....50 proof!
    "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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    I knew I was missing something

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