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Thread: Daisy's Diner

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    Daisy's Diner

    Hi, I was just wondering if Daisy's Diner in Toontown is ever open. The last few times I have gone they have been closed. Is the food any good there? Thanks.

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    Re: Daisy's Diner

    I have only seen it open on really, really busy summer days.

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    Re: Daisy's Diner

    Pretty decent actually. Really no better or worse than the rest of the park. I always get a personal pizza, and it comes with a salad which is nice.
    The drawback is that when open, it doesn't take much for it to get busy. Daisy's is not designed for high-capacity, so the line moves at often an agonizingly slow pace.
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    Re: Daisy's Diner

    Like many in her industry at the time, Daisy too decided to start a resturaunt facility bearing her name, but alas the pressures of Television Journalism (she was recently picked up by BBC World after a short stint with CNNi) have kept her busy, only allowing her minimal time to actualy visit the facility. Due to her desire to personally maintain high standards (and her lack of trust in Donald) at the facility, it can only open when she is around - hence it's constant closure.

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