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    how busy will park be on 10-31??

    AP holder wants to go but dont want to deal with bad (or good) will it be today?

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    Re: how busy will park be on 10-31??

    I hope not too bad as I'll be heading out in a bit myself for a couple hours.

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    Re: how busy will park be on 10-31??

    I don't think it will be bad, parking will be busier than normal in the early evening, as the last Halloween Treat starts at 6:30 PM at DCA, but Disneyland should be OK, a few folks will be kicked out of DCA at 5 PM (regular closing) and will head over to Disneyland. But I don't see large crowds at all.
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    Re: how busy will park be on 10-31??

    Right now at 2:20pm it's wonderful! Very slow day so far today. Totally uncrowded and very nice. Come on down!

    You know it's uncrowded when the characters board the Omnibus unmolested to take a ride down Main Street (picture taken just a few minutes ago)!

    Opus...posting live from Town Square (thanks to Verizon BroadbandAccess).

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